hairy girl bouncing tits nip slip

Bouncing Boobs, Twerking

There's something extremely pleasant about watching my own breasts bouncing.  Sometimes I'll see them in the mirror, or when I record them via selfie-cam.  One time, looking at myself even made me cum all over my leg.  So naturally, this had to have a section of it's own.

You can also see me playing with my tits and bouncing them in public, by visiting my Exhibitionism page, so don't miss out!  Also, lots of downblouse and nip slips at my sexy workout section!

45 mins Slowmo special! Watch me twerk my hairy ass on my bf's hard cock and then get fucked real good doggystyle! My ass bounces around in slow-motion the whole time. I keep twerking while he cums all over my hairy butthole, so watch it 'till the end.

That's Right! Every girl needs a sexy car wash video! And ain't you in luck? Here's mine! And the trailer doesn't do this thing justice. My pussy gets all wet just by looking at it. Lots of slow-motion for you! Every hairy bit of me gets all soapy wet: my asshole, my pussy, belly button, armpits. So do my little tits as I bounce them - lots of upblouse, downblouse; my t-shirt becomes see-through when it gets wet and sticks to my tight body. I twerk a lot for you too! My boobs, ass and thighs jiggle a lot as I wash. Then I pop onto the hood of the car - my tits are super bouncy here - and have a clit-rubbing/bubble blowing session until I cum. I was horny and wet all throughout this video. Bet you'll be super horny too!

Ten minutes of me bouncing my ass and tits around for you, with some slowmo!

¡Split screen! So you can see it all at the same time! Lots of Nipple slips, upskirts, and underboob for this one! Lots of shots of my feet, hairy legs, hairy bush, hairy armpits and bouncing boobs out of different tops (because my bf loves filming all that).

Also some shots of me spreading my hairy ass hole, because I do that between each game (I really don't know why! lol) For all you fans of Dance Dance Revolution out there!

Cum watch me twerk my thick, wet, hairy booty in slow motion! You can see my big hairy bush from behind, and my asshole! It's a windy (but very hot) day , so I feel like taking a dip. And lucky you, you get to watch! At least I was near naked to begin with, as you can see here: 

The body paint was almost all gone, too, so whatevs lol I start by splashing the water around with my feet, which feels amazingly refreshing. Then you take a dive underneath for some closeups of my bush, followed by a sweet twerk & bounce session. You know I love bouncing and jiggling my lady bits!

I can hardly keep it together when I see my tits bouncing with these googly pasties! xD But I'm super happy my boyfriend finally convinced me to do this vid.  It's all about the bouncing boobs, in varying slow motion.  Great news if you love my hairy armpits, 'cause they're in for the whole ride.  Camera can't help going in for some close shots of my hairy pussy, hairy legs and cute feet as I dance, too.  But I finally manage to bounce those cute little googly eye pasties off and you can enjoy my tits and nipples in their natural splendor.  I love this vid!

My hairy butt is bouncing up down and all around in a cute lil' thong that I ♥. From some angles you can see my small boobs jiggling and bouncing too. Then I take it off and twerk acapella.

It starts with a lil' booty, as I jiggle my hairy legs and butt. My bush tries to escape my little micro bikini bottoms (as if my bikini wasn't small enough, lol).

Then I bounce my titties, and I wiggle them. Then I try running in place. It takes a while, but my little boobies come bouncing out of that micro bikini for some fun.

Me getting my hairy body all soapy in the shower, soaping up my big bush before bouncing my titties, twerking, and finally rinsing it all off - all in high-quality slow motion.

I love my titties! I love bouncing them, then watching them in slow motion. It makes me cum. I hope it makes you cum too. In slow-mo, you can see my nipples add a little after-bounce which is really hot. What also really turns me on is watching my tits bounce out of my small, see-through top. Yummy!