Why I stopped shaving

I'm often asked why I stopped shaving; even more so, now that I've started working on my content. Well, among quite a few reasons not to shave or wax, I'd have to start with the fact that there's no logical or legit reason to do so. Shaving is a choice - one that's been forcefully ingrained in our culture since only the last century or so. So much so, that's it's become a commercial norm - women have to shave their armpits, legs and bush. Men don't. And most of use don't give it a second thought. The same aggressive promotion has created a particular disgust toward the natural female form - among men and women.

From there on in, that "choice" is taken away. I say that because forcing someone to choose within limited parameters doesn't really offer much of a choice. That's more akin to a paradigm - especially when no one really wonders "why?". What is the purpose of doing X or Y? So the only real choice to take those choices back.

Not shaving is downright hygienic and healthy. But don't take my word for it: There's plenty of medical research that confirms the following:

Shaving/waxing is often the cause of rashes and other lesions on the skin
Shaving/waxing makes you vulnerable to bacterial infections
Shaving/waxing makes you more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases on contact
Shaving/waxing is way too time-consuming, expensive, and impractical

There's no point in women shaving their body. And that's not my opinion - most of the recent medical research has proven that women who shave their bodies are more likely to suffer bacterial infections, rashes and other lesions. While it's also been proven that growing your hair, especially "down there", helps protect against infections and STD's.

I also stopped shaving because it's a ridiculous double-standard that women should be forced to shave all over because "hygiene", which is simply dead wrong. I go out, wearing tiny booty shorts and cropped tops, showing off my hairy legs, butt and armpits, and I see so many more "wtf" faces than I care to count - mostly from other women! But I just keep walking, because I know they're slaves to their razors for hours a week, clogging their showers, and they don't even ask themselves: Why? What for?

I'm so much happier since I stopped. 

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