Why Am I Naked in Church? (Onlyfans Porn Ban)
So, exactly why am I naked in church?  Anyone who's spent any quality time with me knows how outspoken I am against religious oppression; not only against women, but against free-thinking people in general.  For thousands of years, the religious have hunted down and punished some of the most rational and logical thinkers who work to benefit human-kind.  Scientists, particularly alchemists were branded witches; People with impediments, such as autism, were often thought to be possessed by some sort of demon.  Many were tortured, burned alive, hung, decapitated, emaciated... you name it - in the name of some god or another.

It almost seems like their aim is to indoctrinate and enslave people by interfering with the development of their thought process as early as possible.  So much so, that I've met plenty of theists who are intelligent enough to learn massive amounts of trivial facts, but not the skill to form cohesive, logical thoughts.  What a waste. But that's not what this is about.  If you're wondering why I'm posing naked in church - a place I vowed I'd never go to again - by and with depictions of Jesus, it's because of that oppression.

 On August 20th, 2021, I received an e-mail from Onlyfans - a platform I've rather come to enjoy and benefit from - announcing I could no longer sell content depicting "sexually explicit conduct"... lol... starting October 1st.  Why?  All, as they put it, as part of the effort to "ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform" and "evolve our content guidelines". Why would they even consider such a thing?  With over a million creators and 50+ million registered users, why would they put their sex-workers income in jeopardy?  After all, we do rake in a lot of cash.  And we know how that worked out for Patreon, who banned adult content in 2017, only to revise their policy in 2019, after declaring their business model was not sustainable. I, for one, was unhappy with the lack of transparency. 

As Bloomberg first reported, these changes are actually the result of pressure from Onlyfans' banking providers.  At first, people thought Mastercard was to blame, due to their changing requirements.  So imagine my surprise (not) to find religious lobbyists at the root of it all.  The ones cracking down on banks are religious extremists like Exodus Cry.  These groups exploit their cover of sex trafficking to push their war on porn and sex.  They pressure businesses and politicians to push their anti-porn, anti-sex agenda. If it were up to them, we'd all be thumping bibles in schools, blue-balled and pussied until forced into marriage.  And we'd never receive comprehensive sexual education.  Instead, they'd brainwash us with celibacy, repressing us into ignoring our basic, natural instincts throughout our formative years.

 Just to note... victims of rape, slavery, "revenge porn", pedophilia, bestiality; pretty much anything that abuses those who don't - or for some reason, cannot - consent, or don't understand the concept of consensual sex...  Those are serious crimes, and I applaud anyone who stands up for these victims.  But condemning sex and pornography in the name of these victims is disgusting. I, myself, have been a victim, and I find it appalling.

 Yes, we all have the right to do with our bodies as we wish.  Interesting concept!  Our rights end where another person's rights begin, unless we come to a mutual agreement.  But the thing is, we also have the right to do with our bodies as we wish!  And sex is a natural, beautiful part of our personal development.  Pornography is an extension of sexual enjoyment.  To some, it's a healthy incentive to get to know their own body, relieve sexual tension, learn the importance of consent, stay home during Covid... you name it! Pornography has never, and will never, be responsible for sexual exploitation.  The lack of sexual education, however, is! 

The more you know about the basic functions of biology, anatomy, the inner functions of sexuality, the less likely you are to abuse someone.  Au contraire, practicing will turn you into a sensitive, comprehensive lover.  And, the more sexual tension you relieve by yourself, the less likely you are to engage in unhealthy sexual practices. But, keep that tension pent up, and you're basically a walking pressure cooker, ready to explode on the first person to pull their pants down.  Especially when there are no logical or rational reasons to be celibate. 

Most of these repressive norms, commandments, rules or laws (in cases where government and religion still go hand in hand) backfire, terribly.  Up next are a few cases of sexual abuse, including the rape of nuns and pedophilia, that the religious are happy to either hide, lie about, or become defensive/apologetic.  Mind you, these are examples from major worldwide religious organizations... If we talk about the bat-shit crazy religious cults that abuse their members sexually, including children, this article will never end.  And don't get me started on Islam, whose star prophet married a freaking six year old, and people look up to this fictitious creep even today.  (But don't worry.  I hear he waited until she was 9 to actually have sex with her...)

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 Seriously.  Can you imagine being celibate all your life, then spending your wedding night with a 30+ year old virgin who's never even touched him/herself?  What a disaster!  So why am I naked in church?  Because my body is worth more than a set of hypocritical morals based make-believe characters and back with empty threats of eternal damnation.  Because I don't respect church.  And I have little respect for religious extremists who haven't even developed their thought process enough to even respect themselves.  And because fuck church.  Long live healthy sex and porn!
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