No Nut November
Remember, remember

It's no nut November

No nut November?  Really? 

The very idea of this sickens and appalls me.  Especially after fapping my twat and having great sex all year.  But alas, No nut november is actually a thing... I can barely say that without laughing.

For those uninformed (as my bf & I were until recently) No nut november is a movement by various anti-porn organizations, such as No Fap, and various right-wing/religious groups who require men to abstain from masturbating.  Such as the Trump-loving Proud Boys.

There's no evidence, research or data that suggest there are benefits to abstain from masturbating.  It doesn't boost your testosterone levels, your ability to focus, or anything else.  No not November is nonsense.  It's ridiculous pseudoscience, at best.  At worst, it's depriving young men from exploring a natural part of their personal development, and getting to knoe themselves sexually.  Most of these dummies will never make good sexual partners, if they don't practice on themselves. 

There are, however, plenty of benefits to masturbating:

"Although some people have tried to use No Nut November to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, at least some data suggests that men who ejaculate regularly are at lower risk of prostate cancer. Studies have also found ties between ejaculation and improved memory, deeper sleep, improved immune cell function, and decreased inflammation."
- Psychopsiologist & Neuroscientist Nichole Prause, PhD

And there are real downfalls to shaming people who masturbate.  They're going to do it eventually anyway, because it's a natural impulse.  And all they'll really learn is to do it quick while no one's watching - then feel guilty afterwards.  No wonder we have so many premature ejaculators who can't fuck for 5 seconds without busting a nut.

When someone has grown up approaching masturbation with a real smash-and-grab mentality — when “you’re not doing it for the joy of your own body, you’re doing it because you want to get off really quickly before mum walks in” — their behaviour and pacing can be shaped by that as they get older.
- Dr. Lauren Rosewarne, senior lecturer, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne

No nut November is basically based on fallacious, religious, old-world values that have no merit whatsoever.  As natural as it is, people have always shamed others for masturbating - parents telling their kids they'll light their pipi on fire, or it'll fall off, or they'll go blind, or grow hair on their hands, are some ridiculous examples.  But the idea that men's semen is somehow a link to divinity, chi or knowledge, is sheer stupidity.  And that losing your semen is somehow detrimental to your mind, body or "soul"... that's worse. 

Believing this nonsense just makes young men easier to manipulate.  Did you know? In Papua New Guinea, some communities make young men suck their elder's dicks and drink their cum, so they can absorb their wisdom and powers?

Fuck No nut November.  Come watch me deepthroat, bounce my titties or get 'em slapped and punched, ride anal and all sorts of other neat stuff, instead.  And feel free to whack as much as you like while watching!  It's healthy!

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