My Interview with LoveHair (Instagram)

I’m here with the fabulous and one and only Ashmarie Model what’s up?

Been a great year so far!  Working on an action short film, music video, new porn, and a slutty fashion segment on

That’s awesome, thank you for your new content, super hot! I can tell from the photos that you really like to show off your beautiful natural body, how long have you been a model?

I began modeling as a teen!  But I dove headfirst into it in 2020, right about the same time I stopped shaving.  There was always something so superficial about the fashion industry per sé, so I decided to take things into my own hands.

Speaking about natural, how long since you last shaved or have you ever shaved?  What made you decide to go natural?

I stopped shaving almost as soon as I started, as a teen.  There’s no reason to do so, and plenty of reasons not to.  In my case, shaving hurt my skin.  I only picked up the razor under pressure from immediate relatives.  Nowadays, my mother & brother are out of the picture, and my body hair is in every picture!  I’m that adamant about staying #hairyhornyhealthyhappy

I put the razor down for good in 2020, when my boyfriend, @hungry.horny.foodie saw me miserable in the show one day, shaving my legs.  I’d been there for 2 hours – 2 hours of our time together.  So he made me a bet – that he’d still lick my püssy and asshöle if I stopped shaving.  I couldn’t believe it!  So I accepted.  I lost, and proceeded to stop shaving my legs, armpits, butt, belly button and toes, as well.  It’s be best bet I’ve ever lost!  And my quality of life has increased tenfold x10!

What’s generally the reaction you get from others? I Know there’s a lot of haters out there.

There is a lot to look at, so I can’t always pinpoint what they’re staring at lmao.  I wear the tiniest outfits you can imagine – micro skirts/shorts, micro bikinis, crop tops, transparent clothing, fishnet dresses, no bra, no panties – even to the mall.  Most men love getting an eyeful of me.  Many women do, too.  I don’t mind letting them watch.  Some express their support, which I appreciate, though I do get some ‘wtf’ looks.
More traditional people do get offended.  Couples wind up arguing.  Especially other women, which sucks, because you’d think we should be supporting each-other.  Instead, they’re criticizing me for not submitting to the same tortures they do – shaving and being sexually repressed.  Ironically, they turn around, cheat on their spouse later can’t identify their baby daddy(s).  It’s too common.  Meanwhile, my boyfriend & I live our sexuality openly and communicate clearly. 
Kids are really drawn to my colorful hairstyles & haircut.  They look at my outfits, but don’t see anything beyond a girl who is comfortable and confident.  They don’t sexualize me out of context, like many parents do. 
Teenage girls hit me hardest… They always look at me with a particular mix of curiosity and nostalgia.  Because, before hitting our teens, we all dressed in shorts, we all played outside topless, none of us shaved.  But then men started looking at us differently, and we were blamed for it.  I simply refuse to be blamed for how other people see me.


What’s your turn on about body hair?

I always knew I was bisexual.  And there’s something about hairy women that makes my püssy all wet!  I love my boyfriend, of course, for similar reasons; intellect, bravery.  Most hairy women reached the logical & rational conclusion that body hair is natural & normal.  We don’t care what others think about us and won’t be manipulated by our respective cultures.  I don’t need the mentality of someone who doesn’t like hairy women.  I know they can’t satisfy me. 

I don’t need someone who swallowed all the fallacy about shaving.  Shaving is all about aesthetics.  Aesthetics = preference.  And I’ve never been much for preference.  The aesthetic value of shaving doesn’t outweight the cons; nor does it measure up to the benefits of staying hairy.  Hairy women are sexy, seductive; body hair is a sign of maturity.  Body hair accentuates a woman’s curves beautifully!  Have you ever seen two hairy püssies rubbing together?  Check my Onlyfans.

What would you like to say to all those who think body hair is unattractive, not natural or something only men have?

Body hair is natural & normal – a gift of evolution.  No one is born believing they have to remove it.  No one is born disgusted by it.  No one is born believing only men should grow it.  We’re indoctrinated to believe so.  You know you’re in a paradigm, when you repeat behaviors with no purpose, and can’t reason your way out of it.
- Is it simpler to wash a hairy armpit with soap & water?
- Or to endure the pain of shaving/waxing/sugaring/plucking it bald?  Then dealing with bacteria, infection, ingrown hair, rash, inflammation, and more?  Rinse & repeat that for the rest of your body.
The latest medical/scientific evidence highlights the health benefits of not shaving.
Those who are logical & ration make decisions based on information & evidence.
Those who are stuck in a paradigm believe what they want, despite information & evidence.
I can’t be responsible for anyone but myself.  But I can continue doing what I do.

Anything else you wanna add?
I love what I do!  I love that horny men & women become loyal followers, fans, subscribers, co-stars… we all learn from each other in the process.  Thank you for your support, your time, and keep loving hairy women!  Stay Hairy, Horny, Healthy & Happy!

Many thanks to LoveHair, for creating a space to share the content of many Hairy Hotties!
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