Exhibitionism, Public Nudity & Toplessness

Hmm... I don't know if I consider it exhibitionism, per se.  I don't simply enjoy showing off for the sake of it.  I'm more of an advocate for toplessness, nudity and dressing however the hell you like!  Me?  I'm all about tiny shorts with half my buttcheeks out - it adds an awesome bounce when I walk.  That and tiny tops, pasties, or body jewelry/accessories.  Or being topless, which I love!  Since I'm simply out enjoying myself, most of the time (although I rarely do it to piss off people who have a stick up their ass) I've separated this section from bouncing & dancing.  Granted, you'll also find plenty of bouncing and dancing here.  Y'know, you're just not the only one looking.  lol

Due to my main supplier's policies regarding the presence of other people and outdoor nudity, many of these videos are only made available on my Onlyfans & Fancentro.

Super close up shots of my entire body, nude on the beach, under the sun. Starting with my sandy feet, each strand of my hairy legs, hairy armpits, hairy pussy, the little treasure trail to my belly button, and even the sand falling off my hairy ass in slow motion. Plus, a little surprise at the end =x I love this video so much.

You cum with me as I walk around in the soon-to-be summer sun! The wind blows my skirt up all throughout and you get to watch it in slow motion. If you're a fan of my hairy legs, hairy bush, hairy armpits and my fuzzy ass, you're going to love it too! Watch my thighs jiggle, my titties bounce, I twerk for oncoming traffic; watch me play with my bush! haha, just watch it!

Just me walking around the fountain by sundown.

Hot summer days like these, it's amazing to feel the water splashing all over my body! 'twas refreshing and sweet!
I never wear bras (or much clothing), so you can see my nipples get extra hard and perky under my tiny, tiny crop top. As if that's not revealing enough in public, I'm just wearing a miniskirt, which is slit open on one side, and a tiny thong, so anyone can get a good peek. Lots of it is in slow motion, because my cameraman loves it. lol

After a little stroll in the wind and water, I decide to take a walk in the smaller fountains that splash water upward, playing with my tiny clothes; between my legs, in my hairy pussy as I twerk, bounce my tits, and more!

Lots of views of my sexy feet as I walk around the wet concrete barefoot.
Hairy armpits, hairy legs, peaks at my hairy bush and ass crack! Come check it out!

Here's me dancing topless at an awesome LGBTQSkiboobiddy event.  It was announced as a protest, but it turns out Puerto Ricans can't protest without partying.  Fun, but much of the message is lost.

So I was surprised to see no other women topless or unshaven.  Just me!  Seriously, wtf is going on?  Are we open-minded, free thinkers or not?

Oh well... Great music!

Sadly, Manyvids, the awesome platform where I host my awesome videos, has a policy regarding public nudity, so you'll have to ask me for this vid on one of my other platforms, instead!  Follow my links at the bottom of the page or go to linktr.ee/AshmarieModel

Ahhh, I love summer! And there's nothing more refreshing than taking a nude dip in the cold waters of a natural spring. Lots of slow motion underwater, so you can see my ass jiggle around while swimming. My big hairy bush tries to escape my microbikini over and over again lol. You can see all the hair on my bush and legs is on end from the low temperature!

After my swim, the warm rays of the sun are a very welcome relief! And so is the big, hard cock that's waiting for me outside. My boyfriend gets so horny filming me and taking pics, that he can't wait to fuck me doggystyle for you to enjoy! There's some slow-motion of my titties bouncing as I get fucked real good. Then I get sweet, warm cum in my mouth and swallow! ♥

So I'm filming this cute music video by the beach, when it suddenly starts raining! And it just doesn't stop! So naturally, I continue bouncing my boobs and my ass for the camera.

Purchase this one for lots of twerking & bouncing in slow motion. Tons of underboob, sideboob, nipple slips, as I bounce them out! Oh, and watch my hairy legs, hairy armpits, hairy pussy get all wet. My big bush tries to escape my tiny micro bikini throughout the whole thing! Oh happy day! looool