Sexy Workout Routines - Exercise

For a while, I wondered if I should include these videos with my exhibitionism videos, since I so often workout in public.  Or with my bouncing and/or dancing videos, since there are more sexy nipple slips and downblouse opportunities than I can count.  But there's something uniquely hot about consciously working out my body for my (and your) enjoyment, that sets it apart from the rest.  Enjoy!

Any X-men lovers out there? I love Jubilee! Especially my skimpy, slutty version. Shall I call her Fapilee? Hairylee? Boobilee! I love it! In this vid, Boobilee gets real horny on the couch and starts playing around with her clit, toying her mega hairy pussy, getting it real wet for you! It's a sweet, sexy video that ends with some nice fingering and g-spot massaging! And, as you can see, I cum quite a lot!

What's hotter than a hottie kickboxing in an I ❤️ Cock T-shirt?
A HAIRY hottie kickboxing in an I ❤️ T-Shirt!

Well, crop top shirt, actually... A tiny crop top, with lots of underboob for you to peek at my nipples, while my small tits bounce around as I do some shadowboxing. The tits, ass and thighs jiggle and bounce even more, as when punch & kick some pads. You can really appreciate the waves of impact flowing through my body - in HD slow motion! Then I take strip down to my g-string for some jumping jacks, leg exercises on all fours, with my hairy ass and pussy kissing the air. There are lots of close ups for you to enjoy, so I hope you do! ❤️

I'm wearing my Boobilee Cosplay tonight! (Jubilee, X-men lol)

It all starts with a little tease around my pole! I dance around a bit, bounce my small boobs, my ass, stripping down to my thong - I wasn't wearing much to begin with, as Boobile lol. Greta views of my hairy legs, cute feet, close-ups of my eyes & lips.

My bf suddenly decides he can't take anymore and fucks me in my hairy asshole, hard, until he cums deep inside. Cum drips out of my ass, since I'm standing. There's plenty beautiful views of me from the ground up, too, so I hope you love this as much as I love getting F'd in the A.

Also featured in the ANAL section.

Here's to staying fit! Super-cute shots of me bouncing my titties on an elliptical (I think that's what it is, anyway?) in a public park. Some people walk by and watch my titties, but since my boyfriend and I are so shamelessly horny, we don't give a flying fuck! I can see his cock getting hard, recording me. Plenty of slow motion of my pierced little boobs bouncing up and down.
Funny! This day I was trying out some new nipple rings, and they didn't quite fit as I'd hoped. But I had a great time walking and jogging around the beach topless anyway, so I didn't pay much attention; minor detail, oh well! I love watching my titties bounce around, then seeing them in slow motion! Hope you enjoy it just as much!

In this vid, I dance 'til my tits pop out of my little top, then I strip and keep dancing. There are varying degrees of slow motion, so I can't include the original audio. But you can watch me bounce my ass and titties to famous Caribbean rhythms, like bachata, merengue, salsa and bomba.

That's not a thong I'm wearing, it's actually my big bush. And you can see plenty of it, my hairy armpits and lots of my hairy legs jiggling around in slow motion, while I move my feet!