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Imagine receiving my underwear in your mail: A pair of my panties, ridden with tit or armpit sweat, butt sweat, pussyjuice, maybe even some of my bushy curls!  All for you to smell, lick and rub wherever you want!  Don't deny it.  You know you love it!

Imagine that sexy, confident, intellectual girl with the beautiful hairy legs and armpits you've always had your eye on - the one that doesn't normally give you a second look. One day, she walks by you and sees you wearing one of these shirts.  Or a sticker on your laptop, a button on your backpack - something that screams "I love and support hairy women!"

This merchandise is a breath of fresh air to women like me!  If you get her attention, your foots in the door.  Now, the rest is up to you. 🥰 Unshaven women are criticized and stigmatized on a daily basis. So, if you really appreciate hairy women, love looking at us, love fapping to us, love sex with us and love loving us, consider showing your support with one of these 💕

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