Hairy face riding femdom abuse

Face Riding, Face Sitting 

Face Bouncing, Squashing, Femdom

I absolutely love face riding!  That feeling of slipping my wet, hairy pussy, asshole and clit over my sub's face, back and forth, until  I cum... it's amazing.  Sometimes I kick him in the face, then I carry on; Bouncing up and down, not caring whether he needs to breathe or not.  I'm in absolute control and my pussy and asshole love it!

I'm not much of a dom, tbh lmao.  I just know what I love!  I'd still rather get cock deep in my hairy asshole, my throat, get my titties and face punched, but face riding is a great way to start the day.  

First I kick his face and then bounce my hairy bush on his mouth. Great view of my hairy pussy, legs and cute little feet. This is just the first of a three-part video!

Watch my hairy ass as I twerk and bounce on his face. He'll spank me, once in a while and spread my ass for your enjoyment.  I hope you don't mind I forgot to wash my feet... oopsies...

It's a good thing my boyfriend adores licking and eating my hairy pussy and culo peludo, because I was starting to get tired, to tell you the truth. I hit him so hard in the face with my pussy sometimes that I worry I might hurt him, but all that does is make him hornier.

Or well, as POV as it gets.  I bounce and grind my hairy pussy on my bf's face, often leaving him gasping for air.  Great upward view of my hairy bush, as I slide back and forward; my hairy armpits/legs, my tits bouncing.  Love it!