Rough sex fucking slut maledom

Rough Sex:

Slapping & Punching my nom noms!

Truth be told, I love rough sex!  I've always been a little bored with being treated like a princess, a delicate little flower, or a porcelain vase.  So I'll often ask my bf to slap/punch my face, my tits, spank my ass red, choke me 'till I'm blue.  And he's happy to oblige!  So we hope you're also happy to watch!

If you want to see me get rough with my bf, check out the Face Riding section!  More of me getting pounded and abused?  The Deepthroat section is for you!  Warning, that one's not for everyone!  lol

This bundle is all about ass-spanking, tit & face slapping, punching, headlocks, choked 'til I nearly pass out, drool all over myself and I cum cross-eyed, rough, hard fucking! Watch me missionary, doggystyle, fucked sideways, anal cowgirl & deepthroat.

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Sooooo, this time around my bf is fucking me real hard.  He slaps and punches my tits and face - yummmmmyyy - which makes me super hot.  While fucking me, he takes a moment to cum on my armpit, keeps fucking me and saves half his cumshot for my other armpit, later on.

So, watching me spend the day mostly naked in public, it makes my boyfriend really horny. So he bends me over a chair at home and starts nailing me in my hairy pussy and slapping/punching my tits. I get fucked hard Doggystyle next, then he lays me on my side and fucks me some more. There are amazing views of my hairy legs and cute feet, with my chain anklet on, down to my toes. The video ends with him cumming all over my feet.

I get fucked in my hairy pussy real hard, this time. All the while getting punched and slapped in my face and titties. It makes me cum super hard on my bf's cock; sometimes I even go cross-eyed. He chokes me and pulls my hair at the same time, in such a way that makes my face change colors. Then I get slammed against thebed as I get fucked real hard!. Great view of my hairy legs, hairy armpits and my bouncing tits!

So I'm tied up for this one (so are my titties), and put up against the wall, to get my titties, whipped. It starts out gentle at first, but then come the clamps, and the belt, and eventually the hand, and the fists lol

There's plenty of slow motion so you can appreciate every detail of my tits bouncing, jiggling, and getting banged around pretty hard. You also get some split screen, so you can see it from two angles! (Yum!)

A lot of the time, my bf punches my right boob, and my left boob feels it. Lol, you can see it bouncing around from the sheer momentum. It feels amazing. And he's got such great aim for my nipples, I just love it!

Y'know, I'm just chillin' in bed for this one and my bf comes over and slaps the fuck out of my tits; punishes me real good! I get fucked real hard, slapped and punched in my little boobs for over 20 minutes straight. My tits start bruising and turning purple. I try to stop him, but he just moves my arms away and slaps/punches me in the face lmao. Finally, it's enough and he cums all over my big hairy bush. Amazing times! Great views of my hairy armpits, pussy and legs bouncing around as I get fucked. Hope you love this vid as much as I do!!!

Yep! I'm fucked real hard doggystyle for a long time. I get my titties slapped, my neck grabbed, put in a headlock until I spit up. I go cross-eyed and cum a lot too lol If you wanna see your favorite hairy girl get fucked and slapped while her tits and thighs bounce all over the place, this video is for you!

My small boobies are in slow motion, mostly, so you can see them bouncing up & down with every hit. It's pretty hard, but feels super sweet!  So does the little spiky roller that my mistress rolls on my nipples.  Having them pulled, twisted and clamped feels great too!  I also love when she suddenly pulls them off.

Every full moon, we get together to educate and inform the public about the intricacies of the lifestyle to those who wish to learn.

I'm so happy looking at my bruised, scratched ass and tits the next day!  I wish more women felt the liberty & confidence to walk around topless and get whipped in a public.  I love it!  I almost included this in the exhibitionism section, but it felt more at home here.  lol

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Most of the spanking and whipping is in slow motion, so you can see the waves rippling all the way up my butt. Mistress Lybica doesn't take it easy on my poor butt, hard, but feels amazing. I check my thong after getting off the stage, and it was all wet. lmao.