If you're looking for hairy girl pics, you've come to the right place!  Ashmarie's got class; she's got sass... she's got... ass! 

Oh, whateeeeever... listen! My photoshoots are cute, colorful, high-res images of me doing what I love - modeling! Sometimes at home, but I'm often out in public, modeling in front of everyone. I've done some themed photoshoots too, so you'll find various .zip files that might pique your interest. 

Aside from my lovely, petite, toned, tanned body; and my hairy armpits, hairy pussy, hairy legs and hairy ass; and crazy hair colors, there's quite a bit of my playful personality to go with it all!  Hopefully, you get to know me better as you watch.  Not to mention the artistic eye behind the camera, which highlights every contour and curve of me, as well! 

Please, pick a set and enjoy!

This one's for you foot fetishists out there! I thought of the name when I painted my toenails 5 different colors! Of course, there's plenty of my hairy legs, hairy armpits, hairy pussy with a huge bush escaping my thong, pierced nipples and more! Don't you just love my sexy feet?

Cum lick my Skittles

I take the time to try out my new clear heels in bed. Lots of shots of my hairy legs, hairy armpits, hairy asshole, hairy pussy, rubbing and sliding my thong between my wet, hairy pussy, pink lips and clit.

Cum Play With My Bush

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A more playful valentine's day shoot (and the first time I dyed my hair blue!) in bed; lots of shots of my hairy body as I play with balloons, suck lollipops and show off my cute, red monokini (and later a red panty/bra set). (17 photos)

Get Valentine's Day II

We did this one the same day we recorded my first slow motion shower video. I strip out of a cute white dress and a lil' red thong, in bed. Cute shots of my hairy body, all over, and some close-ups of my feet!

Get Valentine's Day I

I go out in public (as I adore doing) and pose by one of my favorite Christmas decorations in the Plaza. Everyone who passes by gets into the Christmas spirit, when they see my titties slipping out of my lil' red lingerie! My nipples peek out behind those cute bows, my thick ass is hugging that g string. My clear heels accentuate my long, hairy legs. And the lighting around my entire body is just beautiful! I just love this shoot!

Get your Sexy Xmas Set!

Hairy Quinn's in town, so get ready to see a whole lotta bush, escaping from my tiny micro bikini.  You just know there's hairy pussy down there!

Looks like my titties are trying to make a break for it, too! And I've got my big, cartoony mallet ready to whack anyone who gets in the way. lmao

 This one's for all you #HarleyQuinn #DCUniverse #Batman #MargotRobbie fans out there!  But mostly for you #hairypussy #hairywomen #hairyarmpit #hairylegs #hairyass lovers! 

Get Hairy Quinn!

Here's a sexy little set we took @ a famous tourist site in Puerto Rico. "La Cueva del Indio", or the Indian Cavern. Plenty of passers-by, locals and tourists alike, walked by and stared at my bare ass (all I was wearing was a blingy front bottom). My hairy pussy was visible just beyond it. They also got a great view of my small tits. I had a blingy chain bikini top too, so everyone could see my nipples peeking out. All of my yummy body-hair is featured in this high-res set! And for you foot-fetishists out there, I was also wearing a cute pair of chain anklets, down to my toes.

Cum Explore My Caverns